About Us

Our History

In 2008 at the height of the economic recession and with a void in the building materials industry, we saw the need to create a new kind of business model, one that could provide exceptional customer service and same day and next day deliveries.

In 2009, Frensco Building Products was established as a distributor of building material products servicing the 5 boroughs of New York City and Long Island. Our foundation is built on values, trust, and teamwork, inspired by the founder’s journey and vison into the realization of friend’s support. This realization not only developed into our company name, Frensco (Friends’ Company), but it’s also in our core values of Commitment, Care & Respect, Opportunities, Improvement, and Reputation, guiding our every endeavor to be better than we were yesterday. Frensco believes in the power of trust and building meaningful relationships with its suppliers and customers, with a commitment to providing best-in-class exterior and interior products and service.

Today, Frensco is a trusted name in the building supply chain, partnering with leading industry manufacturers such as Knauf Insulation, Kingspan, USG and National Gypsum, to mention a few. Currently servicing the metro New York area with over 300+ customers and with expansion plans into the Tri-State area. In 2024 Frensco celebrates its 15-years anniversary committed to company growth and expansion. Join us in growing your business with the help of your friends at Frensco Building Products. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Our Mission

To establish and nurture meaningful positive relationships with our suppliers and customers in satisfying mutual goals. Our goal since inception has been and will always be to provide outstanding service with quality products and on time deliveries. We help our customers succeed by accelerating their operational efficiencies while anticipating building material market conditions and trends.

Our Vision

To become the leading supplier of lumber, plywood, and quality building materials in the Eastern United States through the continued creation of sustainable, long-term relationships, and a unique business model that allows us to form a true partnership with our customers.

Our Core Values

We stand by our beliefs and lead with our values. We are a diverse company that believes in people and their unique abilities, no matter their walk of life. Our culture is one of challenging ourselves to continuous improvement and along the way we support people around us in their personal and professional development.


We are committed to create innovative partnerships and to provide solutions to our diverse suppliers and customers in satisfying their business goals.


Care & Respect

We build an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment with genuine responsibility and willingness to support each other.


We believe possibilities are endless, assessing every challenge and chance as a new opportunity to create value for our customers, suppliers, employees, and the community.


We motivate ourselves to be better. We strive for constant improvement by staying focused on company growth, team growth, and personal development.


We conduct business ethically with respect and integrity to provide services to our suppliers and customers to the best of our capabilities.

Proud to Be Founding Sponsors of WLBM

As a majority female-employee company, we are proud to be founding sponsors of the Women in Lumber and Building Materials organization, WLBM.

“WLBM was founded in 2017 as a trailblazing 501(c)(6) organization committed to advancing and empowering underrepresented people within the building materials industry.

Our mission is to foster progress through a range of initiatives that encompass leadership development, advocacy, education, expertise sharing, strategic partnerships, and the cultivation of a robust talent pipeline. 

Women of LBM is committed to advancing and attracting women to the LBM industry by creating a safe and judgment-free space where members can candidly discuss challenges and seek advice. This collaborative atmosphere confronts head-on the unique hurdles that underrepresented people often encounter in the workplace and industry.”